Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Cheap Medicine blog.  Together we will sail through the murky waters of modern medicine and discover deep below these treacherous tides that the truth has been still and ever-present.  For all those who wish to step forward and challenge the conventional methods of the mainstream medical establishment, this blog is for you.

With medical costs rising and economic futures looking dim, a renaissance has begun where safe, effective, and inexpensive home remedies are again being utilized as the first means of intervention.  Our species has long survived because of these strategies and their return to every home is paramount if we are to achieve complete physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

The Cheap Medicine blog will be a mixture of traditional medicine, ancestral wisdom and home remedies.  Our hunter-gatherer relatives held a deep connection to the Earth that provided access to numerous healing remedies just outside their hut.  This is not your mother’s medicine – this is your great great grandmother’s legacy.  Together we will reveal that profound healing can be achieved without expensive invasive procedures.  Again, welcome aboard!

Let us begin our voyage by describing the landscape.  As far as I can tell there are only a few causes underlying all disease.  For every condition that we can diagnose, one or more (and often it’s a combination) of these factors are at the root of the problem.  So what are these fundamental causes, you ask?  Here they are in no particular order of prevalence: malnutrition, infections, toxicity, and trauma. 

In turn, these causes lead to disease processes that are what are actually diagnosed and treated by holistic medical practitioners the world over.  Using the metaphor of a tree, these three disease processes are the root problem that, when treated, remedy the branch symptoms.  These are: nutrient deficiency, dysbiosis and the subsequent loss of gut integrity (a.k.a. leaky gut syndrome), chronic low-level inflammation (a.k.a. silent inflammation), and stress.

So maybe not what you thought, but we’ll discuss them in detail so you can appreciate how pervasive they all are.  A brief synopsis of these fundamental causes will follow in the next few posts.  In the next installment we’ll look at what malnutrition is and how it is most likely affecting you.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your comments below and share your ideas about what are the fundamental causes behind all disease.  Thanks for reading. 

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