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Everything we do at East Troy Acupuncture is for the empowerment of the individual because we believe that healthy and inspired people strengthen their community and change the world.

We do this by offering affordable, holistic healthcare in a compassionate community setting.

We are your trusted source for holistic medicine, whole-food nutrition, and traditional wisdom.

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You may not think the mundane act of breathing could be a powerful influencer of health and disease but there are many instances where a breathing pattern disorder is a major contributing factor to chronic illness. The rate, depth, and intensity of respiration all can...

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Guns & Drugs May Be Bad For Your Health

We have an opioid and gun violence epidemic in the United States. At the root of each lies addiction, and in some instances, mental illness. Going deeper, at the very core lies insecurity and a lack of social connectedness which must be acknowledged in order to heal...

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Is your breathing deep or shallow? Do you breathe with your mouth or your nose? Does your breath expand your chest or stomach? The differences in each of these instances can have a profound effect on your body and mind. In Brandon’s latest blog post,..

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