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Everything we do at East Troy Acupuncture is for the empowerment of the individual because we believe that healthy and inspired people strengthen their community and change the world.

We do this by offering affordable, holistic healthcare in a compassionate community setting.

We are your trusted source for holistic medicine, whole food nutrition, and traditional wisdom.

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The Cancer Continuum: Finding Your Own Way

The Cancer Continuum: Finding Your Own Way

Expand what composes a cancer promoting or anticancer lifestyle; think beyond that black and white dichotomy. Yes, it is helpful when the choices are clear cut—smoking causes lung cancer, broccoli sprouts are anticancer—yet there is a lot of gray area in between.  What happens when something contributes to cancer formation in one individual but prevents it in another? What if that thing does both in the same person dependent upon degree?
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Air Pollution PSA

Air Pollution PSA

Just a quick but VERY important reminder of how important clean air is to health, especially those treating, in remission from, or acting to prevent cancer (hint: that should be all of us).
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