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Brandon LaGreca East Troy Acupuncture

After years of reliance on what we know as western medicine and its increasingly brief doctor visits, I decided it was time to take control and modify my health care program. I researched integrative medicine, general wellness and a diet that would lead me toward my goals. East Troy Acupuncture was my main choice as an option that complimented my conventional care. After an extensive review of my health history and integrated plan, Brandon made recommendations for treatment and applied acupuncture for a chronic sciatic nerve problem. I am extremely happy to report that my chronic nerve problem has subsided and I have mentally been able to control the normal aches and pains of simply getting older. More importantly, I’m now able to enjoy a diet and exercise program that allows me to increase and maintain my physical and mental wellness. I cannot stress how successful and fortunate it has been for me to include Brandon and East Troy Acupuncture as part of my healthcare team.


Age 67

I initially went to Brandon with an elbow injury (muscle spasms and deep bone bruise).  It was a series of appointments, but after each visit I had noticeable improvements.  I also continue to see Brandon for a periodic de-stresser.  This treatment is AMAZING.  Literally, within seconds, I’m in a more peaceful state.  I call it going to my ‘happy place’.   The effect is immediate and long lasting. No matter what comes up throughout the day, my peace cannot be taken away.

Perhaps the most significant treatment was for a horrific back spasm.  I could barely walk, I could not stand up straight, I could not bend and it even hurt to laugh.  Literally within minutes, I was walking with less discomfort and was able to bend over and touch the ground.  After the rest of that treatment, I walked back to my office, swinging my arms and feeling just about healed.  A co-worker saw me before and after the treatment and was almost brought to tears with my improvements.  It was like a miracle.

Brandon is so easy to talk to.  He wants to know what’s going on in all aspects of my life.  He offered supplements and breathing techniques that improved my life in drastic way.  He’s wonderful!


Age 51

By the time I was done with my first session with Brandon he had me all figured out. I went in to see him for migraines/headaches and 7 sessions later I’ve learned more about myself than I have in my 43 years. He suggested some testing on my thyroid and hormones and sure enough he was right, I have an additional thyroid condition and unbalanced hormone levels. Some tweaking of my diet and possible hormonal supplements and I am on the way to managing my migraines and my gut. After years of trying pain relievers and the like I’m only having a migraine or two a month, and hoping in continuing with my sessions that I’ll be close to eliminating them all together.  Thanks Brandon.


Age 44

Over the years, Brandon has helped me manage my MS.  I always feel rejuvenated after my appointments.  It forces me to relax and allow my body time to heal on its own.  I sleep better, have clearer thinking and generally feel renewed.   Most importantly, it helps me manage stress, which is a trigger point with my disease. 

I am very grateful that Brandon takes time to identify my individual needs at each visit & treats me accordingly.  His knowledge of healing the body with diet, vitamins and acupuncture is invaluable.


Age 38

I just hurt today, this weather is not good for people with arthritis. I went to East Troy Acupuncture and instantly my pain left. Brandon LaGreca, you are freakishly fast when it comes to hitting the right spot. Nothing could touch my pain today until I saw you. So here is my PSA for acupuncture. It works. Give it a try before you reach for pills or potions. (submitted on Facebook)


Age 52

Migraines run in my family, especially amongst the females. I’ve been taking various meds (both preventative and rescue) prescribed by a neurologist for over a decade…and dealing with their side effects.

After being under Dr. Brandon’s care once a week for 6 months, I am delighted to say that I am off all migraine medications! The few headaches I do occasionally get are easily treated with 1 – 2 ibuprofen. Sessions are now once a month for maintenance. I have even noticed that my triggers have diminished.

If you are reading this and are on the fence about whether or not to try acupuncture, please do give it a chance. I’m so very glad I did!


Age 56

It took 15 months to conceive my first son. It was my first pregnancy and it went very smoothly. About 4 months into trying to conceive #2, I went to see an Ob/Gyn for my pap and to make sure everything was good to go since I had not had one since giving birth to my son. This was a new Ob/Gyn since mine had moved and I was giving him the background of how long it took to conceive the first time. He mentioned a couple of lab tests that we could do that can assess fertility.

The MD called and said that he did not have good news. My FSH came back high, at 15.5 (should have been less than 10). This indicated diminished ovarian reserve, meaning that my egg supply is low and that along with that, poor egg quality. He referred me to see a fertility specialist.

The fertility specialist basically told me that with an FSH that high, if I want to have another child, my best option was donor eggs. I only had a 3% chance each month of being able to conceive on my own, and a 20% chance over the course of a year.

I was on the verge of turning 36 but was told my eggs were that of a 40+ year old. Needless to say I was devastated by that. I didn’t have the money for IVF and didn’t want to have a baby with a donor egg. In talking about this with my family my cousin mentioned a friend of hers that had success with acupuncture and herbs after many failed IVF tries. Her friend had a different issue, PCOS. She referred me to Milwaukee Community Acupuncture. I live in East Troy so I wanted to see if I could find a clinic closer to home and luckily there was one in my hometown, so I ended up going there instead. 

Then I started the acupuncture, every 2 weeks. My acupuncturist Brandon also had me take a Chinese herbal formula and another supplement that helps to balance hormones.

He also stressed the importance of making some diet changes. Getting the fat soluble vitamins were his big recommendation, vitamins A, E, K, and D, and also eating less processed foods. He stressed the importance of trying to eat natural and organic as much as possible. I changed to whole food prenatal vitamins vs synthetic because your body absorbs so much more of it. I couldn’t change to all organic, it is too expensive. I changed to using organic butter, olive oil and coconut oil for cooking etc. I switched to organic whole milk (took a little getting used to but I am fine with it now), organic eggs and chicken that has no added hormones. I buy organic vegetables when I can, but not exclusively. He says organic, grass fed, pasture raised chicken and beef is best because the other stuff is so full of growth hormones that eating the meat from them messes with our own hormone balances.

He gave me a brochure on Dr. Weston A Price that talks about how industrialized foods have greatly affected fertility and suggested the book “Beautiful Babies” by Kristin Michaelis. 

After 3 months of the herbs and diet changes, my Brandon had me do what he called “The Big Push” which was 2 extra herbs that I took the 10 days before ovulation that he said would help create a strong LH surge. It worked and I got pregnant. I found out just before Christmas, but sadly, I lost it just after Christmas. That was honestly one of the saddest, hardest things I have had to go through in my life. He said that the body is looking for perfection in the next generation and something must have been wrong. But, the positive note was that I can get pregnant and he was confident that I could do so again. We were going to try the big push again this month but I ended up getting pregnant again without that help immediately following that miscarriage.  

I now have a beautiful and healthy 16 month old daughter.


Age 36

Brandon, I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me. I have seen you on and off for two years for random aches and pains and such and I have found it very helpful. Between you and the Chiro I feel like you have helped me to unravel the issues that were keeping me from living well. I have been feeling great! 

That said, I have not had to face anything remotely “serious” until now. Recently I was faced with a serious issue that was impairing my ability to just live my life and you were amazing and gave me my life back. 

I am a very active 47 year old woman with a farm. I run, do tris, ride horses, and keep up with a 20 acre hobby farm. I cannot afford to be “off” even for a day. So you can imagine the crisis when 3-4 weeks ago out of the blue I began to experience hot flashes 10-15 times a day and ALL night long. I would be sitting at my desk and then all of the sudden I was miserable…soaking wet with sweat, heart racing, disoriented…..OMG it would happened during meetings and people would think I was mad or angry because my face was so flushed. I was having issues recalling words and was a little confused at times. If I was outside doing farm chores at times I had to stop what I was doing and rest because my heart was going nuts. (I mentioned I am an endurance athlete right? I don’t have heart issues. Ever. So I was really scared!) And I cannot forget to talk about the weeks of sleepless miserable nights. I am a person who normally lays down and is out like a light. I spent three weeks of miserable sleepless nights soaking wet listening to my dogs snore and not able to properly get rest for my body before I realized …..hey dummy, maybe Brandon can help me. ASK HIM! 

I was embarrassed to tell him (he’s nice, but it’s an embarrassing topic let’s be honest) but Brandon didn’t even flinch. He did his thing and I am not kidding…..it’s like a switch flipped and I am back to “normal”. That night and every night since (It’s been a week so far) I have had normal sleep. The hot flashes still come one or two times a day but they are not show stoppers they are just like….meh. Not the crisis situation that they were. I have a heart monitor on my watch and my heart is much more normal. It’s not perfect of course, but it’s manageable and not stopping me from doing what I need to do now. 

I am telling everyone I know on Facebook who has this problem to come to Brandon to get help. I am so much more comfortable and I am so very thankful that Brandon is there to help me through this terrible but inevitable time of my life. I would not wish Hot Flashes on my worst enemy! Please tell your family and friends so they can get help if they are having this problem. I am doing great and I am so very happy. 

Thanks for helping me achieve my dreams and age as gracefully and with dignity as I can Brandon. 

I hope this testimonial helps others get some help as well. 

God Bless you and your family and thanks for all of your wonderful work that you are doing to help people be well. 

Keep up the great work please we all need you!


Age 47