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Going Against the Grain: Our Baby’s First Foods

Followers of the Cheap Medicine Blog know that one of the cornerstones of vibrant health is access to and consumption of whole nutrient-dense foods.  It should come as no surprise then that choosing the first foods for our baby daughter would be going against the grain – literally and figuratively. Most Moms and Dads of […]

Home Remedy: Cooking Oils

When it comes to choosing a cooking oil, it is best to stick with the fats and oils that have been in the human diet for hundreds of years.  Ask yourself, what did my great-grandmother cook with in her kitchen?  If she would recognize and use that oil or fat, chances are your body would […]



Anyone who has given even a cursory look at headlines in natural medicine will emerge with the concept that inflammation is a key component in most all chronic degenerative diseases.  Indeed, there are a myriad of causes of inflammation affecting many body systems. Inflammation can generally be divided into two categories; acute and chronic.  Acute […]