Toxicity is an issue that is complicated and multifaceted.  Neither is it light and heart-warming.  The simple fact is our bodies and the body of Mother Earth are heavily burdened with chemicals, radiations, and negative thoughts.  Thousands of new petrochemical and food additives are unleashed every year.  Massive networks or wireless and satellite data transmissions are broadcasting through the atmosphere like never before.  All this is introduced onto our planet with little thought of the individual effects, let alone the combined impact they may be having on our body-mind.

We are past the tipping point when no one can deny that chemical carcinogens are ubiquitous in the industrialized world.  Growing evidence that certain forms of radiation such as high-tension power lines are potent modulators of nervous system function.  Together with a weakened immune system, stressful lifestyle, and malnourished body, it comes as no surprise (to me anyway) that cancer is as rampant as it is.

In terms of scope, cancer is a disease of our time (not our ancestors) so we must ask ourselves how the changes we have brought upon our planet has elevated the disease to epidemic portions.  The same can be said of a whole host of neurological disorders that are becoming widespread such as autism, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis.  Are they too associated in part if not in entirety with environmental and electromagnetic toxicity? One of the places that the liver will shunt toxins it is unable to filter out (such as heavy metals) is nerve tissue.  I don’t need a double-blind randomized placebo controlled study to make me more then a little cautious about cooking in aluminum, putting mercury in my mouth, or injecting my body with a vaccine containing either aluminum or mercury as an adjuvant.

If all this were true, you think a research scientist or investigative journalist would have made the connections by now and have alerted the public in mass.  Some have, but their research is often politically railroaded – in the case of vaccines you can review that work of Dr. Stephanie Seneff. 

The main reason why a disease like cancer is not directly linked to any one agent (although several suspects have already been convicted – ex. Bisphenol-A) is due to the insidious nature of lifetime of chemical and electromagnetic assaults from various sources that underly the disease process.  You can’t blame any one toxin.  It is not any one chemical but a cocktail of agents that weaken and impair, such as the case of cigarettes and lung cancer.  This is critical to understand because it is nearly impossible to study the combined effects of all these environmental pressures.  Because no one agent can be indicated as the core problem, industry can turn a blind eye to a disease of toxicity that cannot directly be linked to use of their product.  You simply can’t trust industry claims or government oversight as to the safety of consumer products when you understand this.

Perhaps the worst toxicity of all is emotional toxicity.  Anger, guilt, judgement, etc. – these poisons of the mind and heart can stay with us for decades, eroding our energy reserves and zapping our zest for life.  Stress from any source that is beyond the body’s coping mechanisms is toxic to our systems.   Forgiving your past, forgiving yourself, finding healthy ways to cope with stress may be difficult, but cleaning out your own emotional waste is a lot easier than trying to clean all the world’s superfund sites at once.  At least for most of us.   

Only in the tending our own heavy hearts will we have the collective will to claim responsibility for the raping and polluting of our planet and together seek a brighter, healthier, and cleaner world.  I hope you will open your heart to the idea.  Thanks for reading.

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