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Growing Stronger Through and Beyond Cancer

The Cancer Continuum: Finding Your Own Way

Expand what composes a cancer promoting or anticancer lifestyle; think beyond that black and white dichotomy.

Yes, it is helpful when the choices are clear cut—smoking causes lung cancer, broccoli sprouts are anticancer—yet there is a lot of gray area in between.  What happens when something contributes to cancer formation in one individual but prevents it in another? What if that thing does both in the same person dependent upon degree?

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Censorship on Amazon?

A curious thing happened following the recent publication of my book Cancer and EMF Radiation. I hit an unforeseen snag that hampered my ability to spread the message that non-native electromagnetic fields are a significant human carcinogen.

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What is Functional Medicine?

There has been a movement within allopathic medicine to adopt a holistic model in their paradigm. This gave rise to functional medicine, practiced by a new generation of integrative physicians, having great success in esteemed medical centers such as Cleveland Clinic.

Similar to traditional medicine, modalities such as naturopathy and Chinese medicine, functional medicine seeks to address the root cause, or causes, of a patient’s illness.

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Getting the Correct Diagnoses—All of Them

I have great reverence for the scientific method and one of its beneficiaries, conventional Western medicine (immunotherapy played a role in my cancer journey). Yet conventional medicine sometimes fails to address the whole person—body, mind, spirit—through its reductionist lens. For that piece of the healing puzzle, many turn to practitioners of holistic medicine, such as naturopathy and Chinese medicine.

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Healing a Lifetime

All healing is an exercise in change. If you want different results, you have to be willing to do something different. Looking over the breadth of a lifetime of destructive choices, sometimes there is much that needs to be done differently.

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My Anticancer Smoothie Recipe

During a recent lecture about my experience living with a small bowel obstruction, I shared my anti-cancer smoothie recipe. Full of raw nutrition and healthy fats that fuel me until midday, this smoothie is formulated for its ease of digestion and nutrient density. ...

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