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How quickly can I expect to feel better?

In general, patients start to feel the benefits from acupuncture in 2-3 treatments. If the problem is acute, sometimes significant improvement is felt after just 1 treatment and may only require 3-5 treatments for full resolution. For some chronic issues, it may take...

Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?

No. Acupuncture works whether or not you think it will. Acupuncture is used successfully on animals and children. They do not understand or believe in the process yet they often get better results than adults. A positive attitude helps with any type of therapy, but it...

Does it hurt?

People experience acupuncture differently. Performed by a well-trained practitioner, acupuncture is rarely described as painful and the pins can quickly be adjusted if the patient does feel discomfort. Once the pins are inserted they may be manipulated to obtain a...