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Ruth Tozer

Ruth Tozer is an energy therapist who has been trained in Reiki, Ayurvedic Healing, Healing Touch (currently a practitioner apprentice), yoga therapy through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and the use of stones and crystals in healing. She has been educated in Trans Personal work which can be used in conjunction with crystal healing.  Ruth is a Registered Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for the past twelve years.

Energy healing provides support techniques for cancer treatment. It can also be very helpful in reducing depression, anxiety, inflammation and pain. Energy work is very useful for pre and post operative care. End of life care benefits from energy work also.

Ruth strongly believes that many physical problems are a result of emotional issues that need to be carefully tended. Each individual is involved in their own healing with growth work that Ruth provides. Individual healing is all about learning that expressing what we feel leads to healing.

To schedule an appointment with Ruth, call 262-227-3590. She may also be reached via her email [email protected].