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The Apple Cider Vinegar Cure?

You may have heard anecdotes about apple cider vinegar treating just about everything except death. Though not a miracle remedy, raw and organic apple cider vinegar does have a lot of therapeutic applications. It is inexpensive, readily accessible, and has a long...

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Breaking Down Digestion

Digestion is a magnificently complex process requiring extensive interactions between several organ systems, yet one need not be a physiologist to garner an appreciation of the basics of the human digestive system. Knowledge of the inner workings of one’s gut can be...

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Taking Time to Heal

To say that time heals all wounds is an old adage alluding to the body’s self-regulating function. Simply put, wellness is your birthright and your body is always trying to heal itself.  When embarking on a journey of healing, we need to maintain perspective along...

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A Crisis of Consciousness

Modern western healthcare is expensive. The United States has the highest healthcare spending at 17% of its gross domestic product, nearly twice as much as other developed countries. Given the current economic climate, we need to ask some difficult questions to...

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